Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thoughts for the Day

 This day is coming to an end. My addiction tempted me a few times but I overcame the urge. I have found things to help me cope. I have a Therapist. I have Celebrate Recovery. I have my Church, but the biggest thing I have is my family. Non addicts often ask me, "How does your addiction affect your family and loved ones?" It's never easy on the ones who love you. For years I was the one doing no wrong. I wasn't "Hurting" you! You were the one that "had" the problem not I. Look, I'm a "happy drunk." When our addiction has full control over us, it lies to us. It manipulates us into thinking we can just "have one." We manipulate those close to us to get what we want without any regards to their feelings or wants. As I sit here and look at my sweet Wife and Children, I can't help but think how truly blessed I am. We as addicts need to fight back at our addiction. We need to know that we ARE good enough and we ARE something to someone!

 Addicts, for the most part, are well functioning assets to society. The stigma that is placed on us is not fair. We are not that old, wrinkled man living under the bridge grasping on to a brown paper bag. We are teachers, policemen, Mothers, Fathers, lawyers, doctors, etc..... We belong. We just have a sickness and a world that views us less than perfect. We just need help to cope with or addiction. The first step is great Time Management. Make yourself a schedule, hour by hour for each day. Your addictive personality will eat this up. You will find yourself not wanting to let yourself down. Please find a strong and healthy support system. For me, that's my wife. Just find yours. In the end, just seeking help is the first step to recovery. Remember, recovery is hard, but together we can win the fight. Goodnight my friends.

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